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  1. Sorry, this would be a Internal review session. I can't personally see a use for it being available for the client as they probably wouldn't have access to the studios actions.
  2. Hi We would like to be able to provide the users of the review page, the ability to run some of our actions. It would seem there is no place currently for running actions on either the right hand panel or on multiple selected versions on the bottom panel. Could I request some ability to add user actions here? Thanks Phil
  3. Hi Est Yeah, that's fixed it. Now launches fine. Awesome!! Thank you for that. @Mattias Lagergren Did you still want me to open a support ticket on this? Thanks Phil
  4. Hi Mattias I haven't as yet, partly because it not a pressing issue for us right now. It will require more of my time to investigate. If I do the investigation and don't get anywhere I will open a ticket. I figured that because nobody's seen this before, It probably is linked in someway to our setup, but unfortunately I've inherited a lot of legacy startup code and set up of max which I know little about, so its potentially a rather large investigation. I'll have to start with a vanilla install of max and go from there. thanks
  5. Philip

    Sharing Components

    OK Thank you for confirming. I think I must have imagined it working, and probably thought that because you can share a thumbnail you could share any component. But I guess the thumbnails are handled differently.
  6. Philip

    Sharing Components

    HI Just wondered, is it possible to share components between asset versions? I'm pretty sure I was doing this and it was working, however, I'm noticing now that its not working and I'm questioning my a sanity as to whether it ever was. If I create a Component (unmanaged location) on a AssetVersion all is good, but if I try to add the same Component to another AssetVersion, it simply transfers it. sourceAssetVersion = session.get("AssetVersion","cf0e384c-606d-4bc1-9fdd-b7983562bc32") destAssetVersion = session.get("AssetVersion","d9fdddf7-d27d-45ec-8bfb-1c95ecf97afa") destAssetVersion['components'].append(sourceAssetVersion['components'][0]) session.commit() Is this normal behaviour? thanks Phil
  7. Shotgun has this, and I found it very useful indeed. It allowed us to make more complicated relationships between entities. Especially when paired with non project entities as well. (Which I don't think ftrack has?) An example of that would be, when we tracked materials as non project entities, we could associate our assets with the materials (that would happen at publish time) and then we know which assets in which projects depended upon certain materials. +1
  8. Philip

    Adding Component Error

    Thank you, I think that's helped clear up things in my mind about how assets and asset version should be treated. I think one of the problems I had was understanding the rules of what should be unique. I didn't expect the name, type, parent to be unique fields on an asset, which is fine and makes sense, but it felt like trial and error and then trying to understand the response to find out what the rules were. For an entity seeing what fields must be unique?
  9. Philip

    Adding Component Error

    Hi Mattias task = session.get("Task","14fc7f1d-8927-44aa-9e30-526d83956fb1") assetType = session.query('AssetType where short is "comp"').first() assetName = "renders" publishFile = r"c:\\apath\\01_025_Compositing_v003.nk" location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.unmanaged"').first() asset = session.query('select versions from Asset where name is "{0}"'.format(assetName)).first() if asset is None: data = { 'parent': task['parent'], 'name': assetName, 'type': assetType, } asset = session.create("Asset", data) data = { "task": task, "asset": asset, "name": assetName + task['name'], "version": 4, "comment": "Testing API", } assetVersion = session.create("AssetVersion", data) assetVersion.create_component(publishFile, data={'name':assetName}, location=location) session.commit() There is my code, I do check for the existence of the asset before publish. But I do see a mistake in my query, as I'm checking across the whole of ftrack and not specific to my shot. Thank you, I will make the asset unique to the task
  10. Philip

    Adding Component Error

    After running tests. I think I have my answer. I don't think it has anything to do with the components at all. I think whats happening is that I'm creating an asset called say "renders" and I'm then attaching an assetVersion (called "task1AssetVersion") to that in task 1. Then when publishing to task 2 I'm publishing to the same "renders" asset but I have named the assetVersion differently (called "task2AssetVersion"), however if its the same version as the assetversion "task1AssetVersion" then it treats it as an duplicate entry. So it seems the name on an assetversion is irrelevant, in making it unique, and you should have only one set of assetVersions per asset. My mistake is reusing the same asset in task2 if I want to start the versioning from 1 again. Which I guess leads me to a more designed base problem\decision. Should I share the same asset across all my tasks on the shot, and accept my version numbers go up across tasks not per task, or do I produce an asset per task. The down side with the last one is that I suppose each tasks assets are unrelated to the previous tasks, and Its up to me to make the connection. It also seems by design in ftrack, that the assets are designed to be shared across tasks, and that's the way it should be done. Does this seem right? Thanks Phil
  11. Hi I am trying to register a component, and I am getting the following error: Failed to register components with location <Location("ftrack.server", 3a372bde-05bc-11e4-8908-20c9d081909b)> due to error: Server reported error: IntegrityError((IntegrityError) (1062, "Duplicate entry 'ee47fa1c-13d3-11e3-93e0-f23c91dfaa16-scene_01_025_Compositing-03' for key 'asset_Asset.typeid_key'") 'INSERT INTO asset (id, name, context_id, taskid, type_id) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s)' (u'fac36b79-29c7-42e4-8933-afa820bf0754', 'scene_01_025_Compositing', '0311ec39-7af3-48e1-8509-c8b3b0916c86', None, 'ee47fa1c-13d3-11e3-93e0-f23c91dfaa16')) Transferred component data that may require cleanup: [(<dynamic ftrack FileComponent object 1850849152>, 'f6ecce05-3213-4f40-b1f1-e9b31b3b10c9')] The trouble is I'm not quite sure what exactly, the error is telling me. It seems that there is a duplication of data, where that is not allowed. The entry seems to be the combination of the component name and its potential ID, being added to the key asset_Asset.typeid_key, which confuses me, because I thought components were added to the AssetVersion and not the asset directly. Can somebody help explain what this error is telling me. thanks Phil
  12. Hi I've just tried launching max 2017 for the first time with the new ftrack connect action. However when it starts I get the following error: -- Error occurred in anonymous codeblock; filename: C:\Program Files\ftrack-connect-package\resource\ftrack_connect_3dsmax\scripts\startup\; position: 99; line: 3 -- MAXScript Auto-load Script Error - C:\Program Files\ftrack-connect-package\resource\ftrack_connect_3dsmax\scripts\startup\ Exception: -- Compile error: Can't find include file: -- In line: include "" Is anyone else getting this, I presume this is probably unique to me for some reason i'll have to investigate. Thanks Phil
  13. Hi Just been reading the documentation in the following link: It seems to me that the documentation misses out the `"parent": asset_parent` from the dictionary used in the creation of the asset. It mentions gathering the asset_parent in the example above but then does nothing with the variable. thanks Phil