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[3ds max] Substantial delay on first invocation of ftrack.setup()


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Hi all:


Our studio recently decided to adopt ftrack as our solution for handling asset version control, along with project management as well.


As part of that process, I've been working on 3ds max (2015) integration for the studio , as it's the main DCC that artists are using here. However, I'm running into some odd issues when working with MaxPlus; namely, the first time that ftrack.setup() is called, there's a substantial delay of at least 20+ seconds before the command executes successfully; subsequent ftrack operations after that don't seem to have the same problem.


It seems that the delay happens once the EVENT_HUB.connect() command is executed, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what's going on here; the same issue doesn't appear in Maya, using a simple test script to compare what's going on.


Anyone working with MaxPlus here who might have run into the same issue, I'd appreciate any advice you might have on the topic! Thanks!

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The delay you experience in 3ds max is due to the Python version(2.7.3) used in the software which contains an issue with OpenSSL. The issue has been resolved in Python >= 2.7.4 and we have a workaround for this and are having a discussion with Autodesk about how to solve it more permanently.


If anyone is having the same issue integrating with 3ds max, please contact support@ftrack.com and we'll help you solve it.




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