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  1. sonictk

    Undo !

    +1, this is something that has been requested before by our users here as well, would be a great QoL feature to add!
  2. Hi Wael: As far as I know there is no in-built ability for ftrack to do this, however you can run an action: (That action isn't updated to use the new Python API yet, but it should be enough to get you going.) Hope this helps!
  3. I have approval to make this public, so I can talk a little about it: I've been working on 3ds max integration for our studio over the past couple of months, and I hope eventually that I can open-source it. No promises though, and even if I do, a lot of the setup is rather custom, so it might/might not suit everyone's needs, though I've tried to make it as agnostic as possible. Features right now include the ability to publish files (with automatic screenshots), integration with our custom Locations setup (both to S3 and to a local Location), the ability to merge/open assetVersions from within 3ds max, and the ability to comment and change task statuses from within 3ds max itself through the QWebView widgets (though those render a little funny sometimes). It's by no means feature-complete or production ready in my opinion (it's currently in testing here still as well), and there are lots of things I need to fix. But since this has been a commonly-requested thing I see on the forums, I thought I'd at least show that such a thing was possible even with the less-than-stellar Python MaxPlus API. If you're willing to work with me to improve/bulletproof this, I'm open to discussions I'm afraid that as I'm the only one here working on this, I cannot offer official support for it outside of our company though.
  4. Having been struggling with this problem as well, since a lot of the stuff regarding working off multiple locations doesn't really seem to have any OOTB solution provided, what I do here after consulting with ftrack support is to have a location publishing to S3, and a second location plugin that forms a location name based off the name of the computer. We standardize the internal intranet domain name here, so if the location plugin is registered from outside the company the lan/wan prefixes are added to the location name to help identify where a user is logging in from. You can replace the structure plugin with whatever you want, but you get the idea. This plugin still doesn't answer a lot of problems (some of which I'm actively trying to figure out, like ensuring that Components in Locations are synced at the filesystem level) but that is outside the scope of this question I think. Hopefully this is useful.
  5. Hi: This is something I wish the docs would actually have expanded a lot more on since a lot of my fumbling around the past few months was specifically trying to decide the best way to do this. Initially I had it the same way you're intending, with each ftrack application reading from a specific auth file that sets the environment variables and then launches the application in a subprocess (Connect/3ds max). Right now though I'm abandoning that approach since it's becoming a hassle to manage, and just have a new standalone application for entering credentials. That writes to a global QSettings file instead that is now read and sets the environment variables directly. This way multiple users can still login on the same machine and avoid having to manually set environment variables all the time.
  6. Hi liveforpixel: You should be able to adapt the action I posted in the Actions forum to suit this purpose. Right now I do bit extra stuff to handle resolving URLs from S3 and multithreading the downloading of Components, but if you are using a simple DiskAccessor or something similar, you can just remove all of that stuff and just open a subprocess with Finder and the file URL from the ftrack.Accessor.getFileSystemPath()
  7. Hi all: Been working on ftrack 3ds max integration for our studio for the past few months, so finally getting into actions/events/etc. Just to get this place started, here's an Action I made that I have no idea how everyone else on ftrack works without; the ability to download all Components at once from an AssetVersion. Ideally, I'd like to be able to integrate a Tkinter/Qt UI for choosing the file directory to save files to, but right now that doesn't seem to work, and I can't figure out why (since nothing gets piped to stderr/stdout when I execute a simple Tkinter fileDialog.askDirectory()) Actually, ideally I'd love to be able to zip the components on the server and generate a download link to that, but I can't figure out how to get boto (S3) to do that. So for now I just multithread the downloads. You will need to modify this action to suit your needs (Since you obviously won't have a frostburnS3Accessor class, which really is just a subclass of ftrack.S3Accessor with a few additional methods such as getting the resolved URL of a key on S3. Just replace all of that with whatever type of Accessor that your studio is using) Hope this helps get the ball rolling in here!
  8. Hi Carl: Thanks for helping to solve this problem! The fixed OpenSSL library works a treat!
  9. Small gripe atm, but is it possible to customize the 404 Error pages that show up? Anything that looks more like our studio than this, basically (Even if it's just an editor where I paste my html/css inside, that's better than nothing)
  10. Hi all, quick question: Is there a method through the API to get some version info about the current running ftrack API package? I tried looking through but didn't find anything. Thanks!
  11. Hi all: Our studio recently decided to adopt ftrack as our solution for handling asset version control, along with project management as well. As part of that process, I've been working on 3ds max (2015) integration for the studio , as it's the main DCC that artists are using here. However, I'm running into some odd issues when working with MaxPlus; namely, the first time that ftrack.setup() is called, there's a substantial delay of at least 20+ seconds before the command executes successfully; subsequent ftrack operations after that don't seem to have the same problem. It seems that the delay happens once the EVENT_HUB.connect() command is executed, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what's going on here; the same issue doesn't appear in Maya, using a simple test script to compare what's going on. Anyone working with MaxPlus here who might have run into the same issue, I'd appreciate any advice you might have on the topic! Thanks!