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  1. Hi, Our extensions support CC 2015 and can be downloaded from: regards, Carl
  2. Hey, I've added two internal feature request tickets for this. Thank you for the feedback. Cheers, Carl
  3. Hi, I'll setup a support case for this instead. Will post solution in thread when sorted. Regards, Carl
  4. Hi, Thank you for the feedback. I'll make sure to add this to our internal ticket. Regards,
  5. Just to make sure, are you running a local installation? If so, do you have ffmpeg configured? If not you might want to configured it and try again: Regards, Carl
  6. Can you try to refresh the browser and see if that helps? What kind of file are you uploading? Regards, Carl
  7. It is not possible to distinguish that at the moment. I think you'll need to have a separate user to run the script. Eg. "ScriptUser". This user will use up one license though. Send a mail to and we'll see what we can do. Regards, Carl
  8. Hi David, This should be achievable by creating a Expression custom attribute and set the return value to a number. Once added to the spreadsheet you should be able to select summary type in the column header. See my attached images for reference. Let me know how it goes. regards, Carl
  9. Hi Mike, Offline support for ftrack is currently not something we've got in place. To achieve this at the moment you'll have to wrap the API calls and retry them if you are temporarily offline. Doing this for a longer time might be cumbersome though. Are you expecting/experiencing a lot of downtime for your internet connection? Regards, Carl
  10. Hi Toke, Can you elaborate a bit more about what you are trying to do? Regards, Carl
  11. Hi Damien, Thank you for your question. I understand what you mean but I'm afraid it is currently not possible to select specific types when creating Custom attributes. I'll add an internal ticket to look into this. Feel free to post any more thought regarding this in this thread. Regards, Carl
  12. Hi Andy, Thank you for the feedback! Would it make sense to have this override based on the type of the version instead of the parent? For example if you have a version of type "Comp" it would have: Ready For Review -> Noted -> Lead Artist Check -> Ready For Comp -> Approved: For Final Regards, Carl
  13. Hi Tony, Are you reusing the same project when doing this or are they different projects, but similar? It sounds like you should be able to do this by setting up a workflow which you can reuse when creating the project. To populate the project with default sequences/shots/tasks I would create an import mapping which can be resused each month. You can find documentation on setting up a workflow here: And documentation on the importer here: Let me know what you think. Regards,
  14. Hi Tony, If another user login to ftrack and navigate to the same Folder and open the version tab, the versions are not visible? Do you see the versions in the main versions spreadsheet? Regards,
  15. Hi Damien, Thank you for the feedback. As you say it is currently only possible to transfer the notes to the task or the version itself. Being able to select more specific is not available at the moment. When transferring, you want the note to end up on the parent shot instead? I'll add an internal ticket to investigate this more. If you have some python knowledge this could be done using our Actions API. This would need to be done as a post step to transferring and would still require you to run the Action but it would remove some manual steps of copy and pasting. Let me know what you think. Regards, Carl
  16. Hi Damien, At the moment changes to custom attributes are not included in the event data I
  17. Hi, We've updated the API in 3.3 to support this case better. See this documentation for more information about the recommended way: Cheers, Carl
  18. Hi Jake, Notifications for notes and status updates in a client review are available from version 3.1.3 of ftrack. See release notes and the read more link: The notifications are currently sent to the person that created the review session. Cheers, Carl
  19. Hi, We've updated our extensions to support CC 2015 and have a beta package ready. If you like to try it out please contact regards, Carl
  20. This topic is currently being handled in a support case. We'll update this thread once solved. Regards,
  21. Hi, In version 3.1.3 you now get notifications when a client add a notes or updates a status in a client review. For more information see release notes: Cheers, Carl
  22. Simple action to batch find and replace text in an attribute on several entities: Let me know if you have any ideas on improvements or if you find issues. Cheers,
  23. Hi, Great that you got it working, Henrik! We're currently working on how to simply the use of Actions together with Connect making it easier to add new Actions to Connect without the need of having knowledge in Python scripts. I've started a new topic here to continue the discussion on this: Cheers, Carl
  24. New topic to discuss how Actions and Connect could work better together making it easier to add new Actions to Connect without the need of know how to write Python.
  25. There are two ways of setting the credentials. When following the tutorial you only set them for the current file you are running. If you instead edit '' and update it to look something like: # :coding: utf-8# :copyright: Copyright (c) ftrackimport osimport sys# Set the default ftrack server and API key variables to use if no matching# environment variables are found.os.environ['FTRACK_SERVER'] = 'https://YOUR-FTRACK-SERVER'os.environ['FTRACK_APIKEY'] = 'YOUR-API-KEY'os.environ['LOGNAME'] = 'YOUR-USERNAME'# Add ftrack core egg to path.sys.path.append( os.path.join( os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)), 'FTrackCore.egg' ))# Import core ftrack functionality from egg into top level namespace.from FTrackCore import *When modified and saved try to run the simple test case again: import ftrackprint ftrack.getProjects()If that works try to run the Action again: python batch_upload_thumbnails_action.pyLet me know how it goes. Cheers,