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  1. I'm having troubles getting hiero to work properly.


    Firstly whatever I do it can't recognize published ftrack Assets to built timeline from. I either get a message 'No matching Assets were found to build the track from.' if I select to match by shot, or error ' Unknown Entity ID: 'b510f0a6-b364-11e3-aa05-040112b6a801' (None)' if I match by clip. 


    I can however see the versions and import them manually through 'Import Published clips'.


    Another thing is that I can't see anything in the hiero ftrackReview workspace. All the panels are empty (apart from viewer of course). The same goes for ftrack task panel and info panel. Only the info panel/selection sometime has a ftrack logo and says that nothing is selected.


    any ideas what am I doing wrong?



  2. Hi guys.

    I've been digging through documentation and support pages trying to find some information about file and folder structures in ftrack. We'll soon be running production with hundreds of assets and literally thousands of shots and we'd like this to be managed through proper publishes and versioning. However the only mention I found in documentation about this was following:


    Asset storage

    In the current version of ftrackplugins for Maya we only support our own predefined directory structure:

    / / / / files

    This will be extended with custom plugin support in later versions.






    That doesn't tell me much though. I could swallow predefined directory structure if it's really well though out, but I'd like to see what this structure is before we commit to it. I'm planning to plug in multiple softwares into this (even though some of them won't have direct integration liek celAction for instance).


    If you could give any pointers or clarification about how is ftrack actually handling the files themselves that would be great. I can see that the information is handles very elegantly, but I'm a bit unsure about the rest.


    Thanks a lot



  3. Thank you Jonathan, that is helpful indeed.


    I presume you had full time dev staff at your disposal, which probably won't be our case, So I'll have to get my hands dirty, but it at least,it gives me confidence that when I dig into API, it shouldn't take long to built it (famous last words, perhaps?). 


    What caught my interest more though are the custom nodes. Any chance I could sometime pick your brain about those? 



  4. Hi everyone.

    I'm currently in discussions about committing 2 separate tv show productions (52 and 13 episodes) to ftrack for the production tracking. 2 is most likely going to be done in nuke so that's a no brainer, however it looks like all 3d work will be done in Houdini. I can't say that we necessarily need a full on integration with all the little treats, however I'm wondering how much work would it be to implement at least a simple very basic integration. I should have time to contribute to the Coe during pre-production, potentially even write the whole thing, but coming from shotgun ecosystem I didn't have time to read through all the documentation on ftrack just yet.

    So the real question is. Is Houdini on the roadmap within reasonable timeframe? ( both productions will be starting in about 8-9 months time, but preparations are running now). And if not, can you estimate how much work would it take to built custom integration in house (I'm absolutely willing to contribute back if that was the case, provided we'd at least get som good guidance).



  5. I will be designing a pipeline and project management solution for a a long term project in a nearby future and I'm strongly considering giving ftrack a go. This feature (even if it's in early stages of beta) could be a deciding factor to be honest. My list is very similar to previous comments.


    1. Super simple user interface with as few options and buttons as possible. The best would be ability for us to customize it on a per project bases and then lock it into 'kiosk mode' where client sees only what we serve him and can only approve, disaprove with comment, plus attachment to the comment (picture, link etc).

    2. Mobile/tablet friendly

    3. Option to send a summary email (to client and us), so we have a record outside the ftrack as well.

    4. Custom website header or image somewhere would be nice. Clients like flashy stuff so branding the login screen or the actual interface with a show/company log would be great.

    5. They should only ever see what's currently for review. No older versions, no previous approvals.

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