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  2. Hi there, Welcome to the forum. You should be able to get the values for that. Could you let me know how you are using them, when not getting a value back? More information can be found here: Regards Johan
  3. Hello all, I'm having issues entering {} does not return a value. Trying to figure out basic values from these attributes Bid Hours is {} ? No value is returned Worked Hours {self.worked} ? No value is returned. Thanks for any help also if you have a web page with some of the basics expression might be nice
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  5. Hi there, As Erik mentioned, we do have this as a feature request. I will add your feedback to that task. Regards, Johan
  6. thanks! any ftrack freelance coders out there?
  7. Thanks Johan, looking forward to hearing more news Thanks Sanch
  8. Hi Sanchia, Welcome to the forum. Development is looking into this behaviour during autumn. Looking at enhancement on the filters. Will update as soon as we have more information about the progress. Regards, Johan
  9. Not without writing your own action to do it afaik. We requested this feature a while back as well.
  10. Is there a way to print or export projects in the overview?
  11. Hi Flavien, Could you elaborate on what's going wrong? Are you getting problem with thumbnail_id? The example has been changed. Regards, Johan
  12. Hi all, Hope you're well, Off the back of Remus' ticket (here: I'd like to check in on an ETA for advanced filtering on multiple entity types (in particular Milestones and Tasks) I'd also like to see if there's plans in the works to be able to create global queries not set per type (Milestone, Task, Shot etc) As far as I've deduced currently there is no way we'd be able to create filters that would show us solely e.g Animation Tasks and Milestones. Using the above as an example, with the help of Remus we used a Shot Query filter of children[Task] is Animation OR children[Milestone] is Producing however as this is a shot query filter once it's met the criteria on a shot level it shows all of the tasks and milestones under that shot rather than filtering solely the criteria in query. For Production, Milestones and Client Deliverables are an important and critical part of scheduling from Producer to Line Producer/PM. Sadly without this I've noticed scheduling is being conducted in Excel rather than ftrack. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated! I couldn't see this on Trello / I'm not sure if Trello is still an active way of viewing the current roadmaps for ftrack?
  13. Hi Adam, Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the feedback. We are discussing changes to the inbox. I have added your input to that task. Regards, Johan
  14. would be very interested in this too
  15. Three years later I've the same problem, that's normal ?
  16. As the supervisor on a 15 episode TV series for which we're doing the visual effects... I'm having to navigate hundreds of alerts in my ftrack inbox throughout the day. I definitely prefer navigating these within ftrack, rather than navigating it all in my email inbox. However, I'm growing frustrated with the limitations of the dropdown inbox that the ftrack currently offers. It'd be awesome if there was a dedicated inbox page or Dashboard I could leave open as a separate window. How doable is that? Additionally, it would be great if this inbox page didn't jump you to the top of the page every time a new notification arrives... as does the current drop down inbox.
  17. Hi Paulo, Thanks for updating. Good to hear that it works. Regards Johan
  18. Hi Johan Thank's, for the reply.It works. Regards, Paulo
  19. Hi John, Couldn't see the image, but think I understand from the subject. There's no possibility right now to disable uploads to the web gui. But we have seen this request earlier and are discussing a change in this behaviour. I will add your feedback as well. Regards, Johan
  20. Hi @Jed Frechette , the Py3k branch didn't get much of an update as we have not found any issue so far , but neither we heard users reporting using it. We do have testing on the latest python versions and lately tested on Blender 2.8.x (the only DCC which provides Py3k to my knowledge) and seems to be working fine there as well, but of course automated testing and light testing on just one DCC app does not provide full insights on whether something have been missing or not working properly to replace the current stable version. Siggraph wise, we wanted to start providing updates , but we've been kept busy with other things and we have not managed to find time to address proper time to push this forward, but this is something we'll definitely doing now that we are all back from the summer break. We are mostly waiting to have users reporting its testing so we can move forward. If you had a chance to test I would like to hear more from you ! (feel free to do so through support channel if you prefer ! ) Cheers. L.
  21. Hi John, Development will start looking into this behaviour and the current limitation. I will update as soon as we have more information about the progress. Regards Johan
  22. Any updates on this work? Looking at the py3 branch on Bitbucket there haven't been any commits for 3 months and I was hoping we might hear more at SIGGRAPH, but I didn't see anything. Currently the ftrack-api is the major blocker preventing us from completing adoption of Python 3 so I'd love to get some hints about when we might expect a stable release that supports it. Thanks,
  23. Hello, Any chance I can get rid of this icon(in red circle)? As we don't want to provide any alternative ways to publish files other than our own inhouse publish tools. Thanks. John
  24. Hi John, Thanks for updating. Regards, Johan
  25. Update: The report is being generated perfectly after changing the font to a proper font rather than leaving it as default.
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