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Assign same task to different folders/shots

Kamil Dabkowski

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This is very basic question. I have couple of folders, each folder has a couple of tasks in it's structure. Now I'd like to add another tasks for every folder. How to do it automatically?

I know i can create task and assign different people to it, it's not a case. I need a task to be in a folder structure.

Thank you for help





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Hi Kamil,

I understand this as you want to be able to quickly create the same task on each folder - correct?

What you can do is create it in one folder then copy/paste it.

  1. Create the task as you want it in one folder.
  2. Save it.
  3. Copy the saved task by selecting it (cmd/ctrl + c)
  4. Multi-select the folder that you want to copy it to.
  5. Paste it (cmd/ctrl + v)
  6. Save
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