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  1. OK, so we have the code. How to apply it and make it work in Ftrack. Kamil
  2. Hi Mattias, I'd love to know how to setup this kind of "event listener". Kamil
  3. Hello, I'd like to have possibility for publishing set of renferences or render sequence as one folder. Right now Ftrack Connect gives me this "Folders not supported" window (attached). I'm using linux and ftrack connect is launched from the Efesto Toolbelt. ftrack version: Kamil
  4. Hello, I'd like to publish a folder with rendered sequence. Right now connector says that it is not possbile Kamil
  5. Hello, This is very basic question. I have couple of folders, each folder has a couple of tasks in it's structure. Now I'd like to add another tasks for every folder. How to do it automatically? I know i can create task and assign different people to it, it's not a case. I need a task to be in a folder structure. Thank you for help Kamil
  6. Hi, When in "planning" i setup a vacation for a team member I expect some kind of error when I'm trying to assign a task for him during his vacation. It's not happening right now. Best Kamil