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Attribute inheritance

Milan Kolar

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Hi guys.


I have an idea that might make navigating and sorting through the ftrack interface a bit easier.


The problem is that when there are too many sequences, shots, tasks in the project it become difficult to micro manage everything. Especially priorities and due dates. We won't have time to be putting dates and priorities on every task, however it's nice to have them as it makes organizing views, tasks and work in general easier. 


So I'm thinking whether it would be possible to implement some kind of top-down inheritance as an override on on certain task attributes. I'll use priority as example, but the same could apply to dates. 


If we had a project like this.

Seq01          | PR none-shot001       | PR High--animation    | PR none  --lighting     | PR medium--compositing  | PR lowSeq02          | PR Urgent-shot003       | PR medium--animation    | PR none  --lighting     | PR medium--compositing  | PR none-shot004       | PR low--animation    | PR none  --lighting     | PR medium--compositing  | PR low

 Then any sorting algorithms could simply go through hierarchy and sort by it. If task doesn't have it's own priority - use it's shot priority, if that doesn't exist, use sequence and only then assume there is no priority set on the task. If 2 tasks have the same priority, but their shots don't, the one with higher priority shot should be higher in sorting. 


I'm going by the fact, that I've very rarely seen tasks needing to be prioritized, however we always get into rush to get shots or sequences out of the door. This way if a situation arrives, I could just set sequence to high, priority and everyones tasks would reorder to keep this sequence tasks on the top (they could keep shot prioritization within that of course)


Yes we are talking about pretty much 3 levels sorting would need to go through, but the result would be much better representation of what needs to be done and when.


Similar situation could be with sorting by date. If task is scheduled to end on 15.march, but it's shot is for 10.march, there's clearly been either human error or something is not right (I know you can't set dates on shots and sequences now, but is would sure be nice)



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