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  1. Hey, I'm not able to reproduce this behaviour. Components will be given the name of the file excluding the extension, but when you download the file it should have the extension. Would you be able to contact our support with more information on how to reproduce this? Thank you
  2. Hi Toke, the metadata need to reflect the actual frames in the video, not including any padding you work with in the studio. So starting from 0 instead of 1001. Cheers
  3. I just dont want you to come after me if it does change. We are however discussing this internally and considering adding it to the API clients so that you dont have to add the headers yourself which would make it a permanent solution. Cheers
  4. Hi Everyone, here is a workaround for this issue. I can't guarantee that it works in all situations or that we will not change something in the future causing it to fail. When creating the API session you will use to make the changes you can set the client token header which will be included in update events triggered from that update. session = ftrack_api.Session() session._request.headers.update( {'ftrack-clienttoken': 'API-EVENT-UPDATER-TOKEN'} ) Then in your listener you can get clientToken from the data in the event to check if you were the one triggering
  5. Hi, your server is using a secure https connection so you need to ensure https is included in the url when you create the session: http://mycompany.ftrackapp.com should be https://mycompany.ftrackapp.com Cheers
  6. Hi, you can use links to connect an asset build to a shot for example. Either via the links tab in the sidebar for the asset build or using the gantt chart (links/dependencies). But, the UI does currently not support adding links between two different projects. You can still add the links using the API: http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/example/entity_links.html between an asset in projectA and a shot in projectB and the link will show up in the web UI under the links tab. There is currently not a way to "deep copy" like you describe.
  7. Once you are running ftrack 3.3.37, you can simply just delete the versions or even projects to get rid of any files using up the storage. Bulk deleting only components is not yet supported via the web interface. Cheers
  8. Hi Remus, we currently only support managing UserSecurityRoles via the API. So basically assigning existing roles to users. Regarding point 5, that is a misstake from our side in the schema. Will fix that and until then you can work around it by specifying what to query like this: session.query('select user_id, security_role_id from UserSecurityRole').all() to avoid it using the defaults which include a typo. And for 6, you should also explicitly query the relation to ensure it is being updates. "select user_security_roles from User" Let me know
  9. Hi Remus, that is the cache kicking in. We will try to solve this longer term, for now it is important that you query any attribute that you want to be fetched from the server like: ftrack_task = session.query("select assignments from Task where id is '{0}'".format(task_id)) Its either that of clearing the cache.
  10. Hi Remus, thank you for reporting. I have create an issue for it here: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-api/issues/3/schema-cache-permission-error-in-multi Are the users part of different groups, or is it simply an owner issue? Also, feel free to propose and pull request a fix if you have the time, any collaboration is welcome. Cheers
  11. Roles can now be queried and managed for users from ftrack 3.3.36 using the ftrack python API. release notes: http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/release/release_notes.html Cheers
  12. We are happy to announce the technical preview of the new studio overview page. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to support@ftrack.com This is a technical preview, it should not be used with live production data yet and a test account is therefore required. We are still in the process of implementing features and have not yet finalised functionality, design and behaviour. Documentation for the tech preview can be found here: http://ftrack-spark-overview.rtd.ftrack.com/en/latest/ Looking forward to your feedback!
  13. Hi, can you reach out to support@ftrack.com with information about your account, and we will help you restore your administrator. Thank you
  14. Hi, when you say "quick search" does that mean the "type to filter" search field or the global one (when you hit Q)? Neither of them are possible at the moment but good to get feedback on. Thank you
  15. Hi Toke, that one is a little bit tricky. Does this happen often for you? One thing I think we should do it target the launch event to the same event hub where the action was discovered. That way at least only one of them would be launched. Then the rest is about identification so that the user can see that the same one is available from multiple hosts. Let me know your thoughts. Chers
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