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hiero - clip name export to Ftrack

J Bills

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Hi!  When exporting shots to Ftrack from Hiero, I'd like to include the clip name, since I rename the shots internally (so A008C004_13421 and cryptic names like that become "shot 010").  If I could include the clip name, I could relate the shots back to the original media that the cilent handed off.


Is there an easy way to do this from Hiero currently?  I only see options to add in frame, out frame, etc.  It would be nice if you could check a box for ANY of the columns in the Hiero spreadsheet view. (clip media, etc)



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we currently do not support that but it would be a nice feature to be able to select any column if there is a matching custom attribute in ftrack.


I know some users who export data from hiero and use the import functionality in ftrack to get additional data in as custom attributes. This is an extra step, but if there are a lot of shots it might be worth it.



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