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  1. Hi - I get different colors when uploading h264's to the web for client review vs downloading the same file and watching in QT or VLC. The web browser (chrome, firefox, etc) is much more desaturated and lacks punch. But I want to use the web browser and stop telling clients to view in a player. Anything that can be done to sync these up and make the web reviews a bit better? I could provide sample files if that would be helpful.
  2. Am on Would it be possible to be bumped up? Do I need to send an email to support for that?
  3. would be a great addition if there is/could be a static link to the time tracking page, so we can minimize the clicks when an artist sits down each morning.
  4. Sorry if this is an obvious one, but is there some way to get a notification when a client leaves a review on clientreview? I can't seem to find it, if it's in there. Would love to know the second they have left feedback.
  5. Would be handy to be able to upload multiple stills as a single media entry submission for a version. Say instead of doing a turntable render, you just do 4-5 quick jpg renders of a model at multiple angles. Would be great to drop these all into the ftrack upload box and have them parsed into a slideshow for review, instead of having to upload 4 separate versions (1 per jpg) as now.
  6. I think it needs to be a dedicated login to be inline with the security found on other sites.
  7. Oh yeah, I understand that but the client is used to ProofHQ and other sites that need a dedicated login to view files. Hard to get them to come around to a raw link for their sensitive data.
  8. Had a client shoot down using Ftrack for reviews just because the link can be seen by anyone and they aren't comfortable unless there's a password on the session. Let me know if there might be some sort of workaround... I can't think of one. Might be nice if I could give them a login (as an artist) but give them limited access. Maybe? Hmmm, I'll keep thinking
  9. Hi! The logo on the client review entry page is too small. The branding should be a bit more prominant - have you see the options available for a Wetransfer branded page? That should be more in line with what you offer - where the logo is a big part of the page and can be used as a background if designed as such.
  10. Would be good if Ftrack would add some sort of functionality for adding client email addresses for reviews so that I don't have to type them in each time. Or at least remembering the last review names and making that the default. It gets to be a pain when you have 4 clients and 2 dailies per day.
  11. Hey! It would be handy if you would add a simple type tool to the annotation toolset. I'm handwriting little notes with mouse scribbles and it would be great to just be able to write a simple word using a type tool like in RV. It would also be great if circles or the pencil tool could draw outside of the edge of frame and not have to remain inside of the frame - sometimes you try to draw near the edge and things go bonkers. Other worthy additions: eraser tool undo/redo thanks
  12. Hi! Would it be possible for client review notes to not display the client name to my artists? I would rather have an option so that they are just the generic "CLIENT" or even myself, instead of listing the name of the person who left the notes.
  13. Hi! When exporting shots to Ftrack from Hiero, I'd like to include the clip name, since I rename the shots internally (so A008C004_13421 and cryptic names like that become "shot 010"). If I could include the clip name, I could relate the shots back to the original media that the cilent handed off. Is there an easy way to do this from Hiero currently? I only see options to add in frame, out frame, etc. It would be nice if you could check a box for ANY of the columns in the Hiero spreadsheet view. (clip media, etc) thanks!
  14. Hi - have a client that is wanting me to update a google doc so they can track shot status and view what's completed/what's not in real time. I'm wondering if there's some restricted access role or something that would allow me to show them this (and ONLY this) in Ftrack?
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