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Multi project functionality


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First of I cant want to get my hands on new Ftrack version with client side review - finally KUDOS to you guys. This is so important.  I'm counting hours on upgrades on my server. 


Now to a point. Are there any plans to implement any kind of multiple project functionality. Since there are 5 to 10 projects at the same time in my studio I have to take under consideration what is going on in them in order to use my resources the best I can. For example Schedule Task view with dates on more than one project. It would be great to have  a option to go 1 step higher in hierarchy from a project to studio and see everything in relation to each other. I could than filter resources based on department and see all work in the studio.  Or maybe be able to group projects and see them as 1 multi-project. I could do 1 big project and treat each sequence as a studio project - but that would make things weird and hard to manage. 




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sorry for the late response.


We have started building new reports for the reports section with the intention for them to be easy to filter and find certain information. We are happy to receive feedback on what type of reports you want. Perhaps there is one that could help you see what you like to see for multiple projects at once?



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Was anything like this implemented? Im frequently working on several projects at any given time and managing separate teams across multiple disciplines means im forced to switch continually between job, sequence, view and filters.   It gets messy quickly.

- Could we have something under overview where we're able to view Projects&Tasks and filter by assignee, task, shot, etc?

- Could we build a dashboard that can list tasks x3 from different projects?

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