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Asset Versions and Task unique name problems


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I have an Asset Build - Test Character

It has two tasks - Model, Rig


Each task has a master.ma in a unique folder location:




I need to publish each file to it's respective task and this is where I am running into problems.

I'm referring to the attached flow chart from the docs. The issue occurs because both files are called master_v001.ma even though they are on different paths. This means the asset in the diagram gets called Master. Another asset with the same name cannot be added so when I try to publish the next master file with a different task attached I can't make a new master asset for it. This essentially means I have to have unique asset names across the tasks for the whole Asset Build. Is this correct?


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Hi @lloydwood, bear with me as I'm not really sure I'm following.

You are working on a Character (asset build, type Character) named TestCharacter built off different tasks (Modeling and Rigging), and publishing the model (Asset Type: Geo) and The rig (Asset Type: Rig) as whole as main component to their relative tasks.

Each one of the components published on task will be versioned separately.
Seem quite correct to me as overall workflow, as this will allow to keep track of your model and your rig with their own versions.

Now, let's try to play with a bigger asset and see how they could be used....

  • Folder: Assets
    • AssetBuild: Bumblebee 
      • Task: Modeling
        • Asset: Head (type: Geo)
          • Version: 1
            • Component: Cables, 
            • Component: Shell
          • Version: 2
            • Component: Cables, 
            • Component: Shell
        • Asset: Arm (type: Geo)
          • Version: 1
            • Component: Cables
            • Component: Shell  
      • Task: Rig
        • Asset: Main (type: Rig)
          • Version: 1
            • Component : Main 
              (here we rig all the assets and their components, based on the latest modeling assets and components versions)

Of course, this is a way of using it, but hope it helps a bit how you can use each and every bit you can publish and version.
If is not clear or is not what where you are after, just let me know!

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