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  1. Hi Lorenzo, That does make sense now. It's not quite what I had in my head so I was unclear. Thanks for explaining.
  2. Hello, I have an Asset Build - Test Character It has two tasks - Model, Rig Each task has a master.ma in a unique folder location: ASSETS\Character\TestCharacter\MODEL\MAYA\master_v001.ma ASSETS\Character\TestCharacter\RIG\MAYA\master_v001.ma I need to publish each file to it's respective task and this is where I am running into problems. I'm referring to the attached flow chart from the docs. The issue occurs because both files are called master_v001.ma even though they are on different paths. This means the asset in the diagram gets called Mas
  3. Hi Lorenzo, Sorry. This is me misunderstanding the data argument. I see now that it is for providing a dictionary to populate the field on the database when the object is created. That makes sense now and I've got the metadata field being populated correctly. Thanks for the link. It helped me see where I was going wrong!
  4. Hello, When you create a object it's possible to pass a dictionary of extra data through with the data optional argument but where does this data go? I'm creating a file component and want to pass extra data through to enable my structure plugin to correctly determine the path but I can't find where to access this extra data?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to write a structure plugin using the StandardStructure from the API as a guide. It talks about different types of component which I can't find any mention of in the docs. Can somebody point me in the right direction or explain this to me please? Thanks
  6. All sorted now. My virtualenv had picked the Centos base version of python (2.7.5) instead of the my alternate version (2.7.14). Now I have told virtualenv to use 2.7.14 everything works as expected.
  7. Hello, Not quite sure what's happening here. I'm getting the error EventHubConnectionError: Failed to connect to event server at https://mystudio.ftrackapp.com. when I try to run an action plugin. The same code works fine from a windows machine on our network but not on this linux machine. The python environment it is running in is the same albeit on a linux box. I can ping the url in question and it connects fine so I don't think it's a firewall issue. Are there specific ports that need to be open or is there something else that would cause this error? Da
  8. Ah. Ok. Cool. That makes more sense now. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I'm new to Ftrack and I'm trying to write an action that displays info about what is selected (type, name, id etc). Mainly this is for us developers because I couldn't see a way to see the id of an object on the web front end. The problem I'm having is that whatever I select returns task as the entityType, whether it is a task or not. If you then query the session with the correct type and the entityId, you get a result otherwise you get None. My workaround for this would be to query every type until I got a result but in order to that I need a list of object types. How can I
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