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Centos 7: Nuke crashes when trying to open tasks view


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This happens on both Nuke 11.2v3 and 11.1v3. Haven't tested other versions.


  1. Start Nuke via Ftrack Connect after selecting a suitable task.
  2. from the ftrack menu, select "import asset"
  3. from the ftrack menu, select "tasks"
  4. nuke will crash.

Does anyone else get this issue?

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Hi @hulmanen, sorry to see you are having issues.

I've been able to replicate the problem and it seems to be coming from missing library in Nuke Studio.
In order to confirm, can you please check if in your console you get this error ? 

/usr/local/Nuke11.2v3/QtWebEngineProcess: error while loading shared libraries: libQt5WebEngineCore.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Looks like Foundry is aware of this (Ticket #334788).
You can check the status of this ticket here

 Hope it helps, we will follow up with Foundry and see by when they'll be able to provide support.



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