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  1. This happens on both Nuke 11.2v3 and 11.1v3. Haven't tested other versions. Procedure: Start Nuke via Ftrack Connect after selecting a suitable task. from the ftrack menu, select "import asset" from the ftrack menu, select "tasks" nuke will crash. Does anyone else get this issue?
  2. Libpng12 fixes it for me as well. I second the idea the dependency should be listed in documentation from somewhere. Looking at the installation instructions, it wasn't clear to me that any packages beyond what stock CentOS provides are needed.
  3. Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue on a freshly installed Centos 7. I'm trying to launch 0.7.5 from the tarball provided at My contains the following at line 235 and onwards: for binding in bindings: _log("Trying %s" % binding.__name__[1:], verbose) try: sys.modules[__name__] = binding() return except ImportError as e: _log(" - ImportError(\"%s\")\n" % e, verbose) continue Is this what you wanted to know? Edit: running python from the terminal, I'm able to import everything tries to import, except for the QT5 stuff as I don't have QT5 installed.