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very simple Note-Todo upgrade, with powerful implications


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To give artitst multiple Todo's (notes to be addressed on a task, like comp) you have to create multiple notes and give it the checkbox to track if the note got completed.
This makes the feature unusable for allot of notes (from dailies) that you want to track individually. And it takes allot of space in the panel, even if it is just one line of text.
I I'm aware that on the road-map is this feature  Multiple todos per note / Note checklist" , But because this feature is soooo crucial in my opinion, I propose a very simple (yet powerful) intermediate solution. Until we have the real checklist. Honestly from a day todo use (artist/leads/sup's), I consider it the most important feature on the whole road-map!
Solution (Tier -1):
Add strike-through formatting. This way a lead/sup can edit there note (a list with a bunch of pulletpoints) and format them as strike-through.
Boom, problem of tracking solved :-)
Solution (Tier -2):
Don't know if that is possible but, An artist can edit someone else note, this way he/she can checkoff (strike-through) a todo them self.
Maybe there could be a tick-box that "makes a note editable for others".
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