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  1. Problem: To give artitst multiple Todo's (notes to be addressed on a task, like comp) you have to create multiple notes and give it the checkbox to track if the note got completed. This makes the feature unusable for allot of notes (from dailies) that you want to track individually. And it takes allot of space in the panel, even if it is just one line of text. I I'm aware that on the road-map is this feature Multiple todos per note / Note checklist" , But because this feature is soooo crucial in my opinion, I propose a very simple (yet powerful) intermediate solution. Until
  2. I like to use the message system inside ftrack as much as possible to replace email communication. What would help greatly if a message that I send directly to a person (note a note that I attache to an element) has a different shading. Like a lighter Grey for example then everything else. Or a slightly pastel color tone. Cause right now it becomes all a bit of a blur. An even better improvement would be something similar to twist https://twistapp.com Basically a thread selection on the left hand side. (check image) Instead of, again let everything blur together between threads (wi
  3. I like to add to this. I used recently shotgun + Toggle. And I would love to see a idle detection. I forgot to stop my timer before probably 4 out of 10 times. Now its worse
  4. thx lorenzo for the response! I looked some time ago at efesto. This looks like some great progress. But I wish this would be tackled internally by ftrack. by the way, the competition is starting with it too: http://nim-labs.com/features/ scroll down to: PROJECT STRUCTURES
  5. To clarify, with "local" I mean that that there is no file handling on the ftrack side. Files are transfered via dropbox and so on. Yes this would leave room for errors. But that is okay, cause having this tool is more important! I know that ftrack connect can do some of these things. But it has its own folder and naming convention. There for it is irrelevant. And customization is to complicated and requires coding knowledge which is flat out ridicules since we are talking about such a basic feature. Maybe not basic from a coding point but basic in the sense that is always the first and mo
  6. I'm looking for a tool, literally for decades. From when I started 20 years ago with Screendesign to motiongraphcs and now VFX supervision. The most basic tool to collaborate is still missing. Disclaimer: The number one requirement for this tool and absolute NO-GO if not present is" a custom folder structure and naming convention". A functionality that allows you to track versions of local files (no physical upload required) and enforces naming conventions. I would want to use it like this -I would transfer files via Dropbox or sync.( Manual user setup) -To make sure everybod
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