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Querying a component based on resource identifier


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I'd like to query all components published under a certain drive letter. Is there a way to do this?

My best guess at this point would be a query similar to:

'Component where component_locations.resource_identifier any (contains: "G:/")'

which I realize is not syntactically correct but hopefully you get the drift...




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Hi Mark,

How to do this depends a bit on the location used to publish the components. Three cases are:

1. Components are published to a location representing a storage G:/
2. Components are published to a location with a structure plugin that maps the component to different storages based on e.g. project.
3. Components are published to an location with an absolute path (e.g. ftrack.unmanaged in ftrack-python-api)

For case 3, your query is almost correct. The syntax is:

Component where component_locations any (resource_identifier like "G:%")

Here is a an example which lists all matching components:

# Query matching components, prefetching required attribtues
components = session.query(
    'select name, file_type, version.link from '
    'Component where component_locations any (resource_identifier like "G:%")'

# Format link atttributes
format_link = lambda entity: u' / '.join([item['name'] for item in entity['link']])

# Loop over results and print components
for component in components:
    print u'{}: {}{}'.format(


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