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  1. Hi, I'd like to query all components published under a certain drive letter. Is there a way to do this? My best guess at this point would be a query similar to: 'Component where component_locations.resource_identifier any (contains: "G:/")' which I realize is not syntactically correct but hopefully you get the drift... Thanks! -Mark
  2. Is there a way to tell who set the status of a shot (or task)? There doesn't seem to be any relevant information from the event stream when the change occurs. Thanks! -Mark
  3. Hi, I'm aware of how to query tasks from project but is there a way to query them from a different level such as sequences? i.e. -- session.query('Task where sequence.id is {}'.format(sequence_id).all() where sequence_id would of course be the sequence id. This doesn't work nor does parent.id because a sequence is not a direct parent of a task. Otherwise I need to know the object type of the parent I'm trying to query from (I don't always...it could be a shot, an asset build, etc) Is there a clear way of doing this from a just an entity's name or id? T
  4. Hi, From an event listener I can see when a status is changed, but there's not context (that I'm aware of) on what type of entity it was changed on. Is there a way to find out what entity type (task, version, shot, etc) that status was changed on? Thanks! -Mark
  5. Hi, So I tried session.get('TypedContext', entity_id) for an entity id that was a task. It worked...but then I tried it for other entity ids and they all return None. Any thoughts? Thanks! -Mark
  6. Hi, I've been following the latest api overview regarding event handling and I'm trying to see if a task assignment has changed for a particular user. Currently I have it working so that I can see if I task assignment is update but I don't really understand how to find out which user was changed. Is there a way to query a particular task to see what user was changed? Thanks! -Mark
  7. Hi, I'm pretty new to the new API and finding any info on querying rather lacking. I have an event listener targeting any update events. I want to filter based on a username or user id and get any notes from that triggered event. I can't seem to figure out how to go about this without digging through nested dictionary after nested dictionary. Is there a clearer overview of how to do queries within subscribed events? Thanks!
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