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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I know how to add and customize action in ftrack, but I was wondering is there a way to play an uploaded media with an external player (in order to play correctly a 360° video degree), without using actions. If possibile to add a custom menu through the ftrack api next to "Launch Web player, "Launch RV", "Launch HieroPlayer", so I can launch my custom application to play that uploaded media? Is good for me just know if possibile to do that, so I can start to work on it! Thanks again for your great work. Andrea
  2. Hi, I cooked up a script to delete File Component from Note's belonging to a specific Project and has worked out fine, but it doesn't seem to reflect on Ftrack Storage Usage. Query for NoteComponent doesn't return anything anymore and I don't understand where NoteComponent get it's storage space from if it's not in Ftrack Storage. def get_filter_string(entity_ids): return ', '.join( '"{0}"'.format(entity_id) for entity_id in entity_ids ) note_entities = [] project_component = session.query('select name, descendants from Project where id is "{0}"'.format( entity_id )).
  3. Hi, I'd like to query all components published under a certain drive letter. Is there a way to do this? My best guess at this point would be a query similar to: 'Component where component_locations.resource_identifier any (contains: "G:/")' which I realize is not syntactically correct but hopefully you get the drift... Thanks! -Mark
  4. 1) I'm having trouble getting the criteria system to work. When the tool starts up, in the main window module queries all of the active projects and populates a QTreeView: session = ftrack_api.Session() dir_contents = [] for project in session.query('Project'): dir_contents.append( project ) When a user selects a project to work with, another module creates a tab and queries the project data- populating this new tab with directory hierarchy, tasks, thumbnails, notes, etc. I was able to begin querying a project's ftrack data by using the legacy method getProject('string'), b
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