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When the version is created it will have published set to False, but in ftrack versions prior to 2.0v1 they will still be visible in the UI, generate activity feed and notifications.

In 2.0v1 asset versions that have not been published will not be visible in the UI and in 2.0v2, activity feed and notifications will be generated on publish as well. 


asset.publish() is a old util-method to publish any newly created or the latest version of the asset. If you want to publish a single version, you can do so by calling publish() on the version.

asset = #Query to get an assetversion1 = asset.createVersion(comment="v1", taskid=taskId)version2 = asset.createVersion(comment="v1", taskid=taskId)#To publish the latest versionasset.publish() // Will publish version2#To publish a specific versionversion1.publish() // Will publish version1

This can be used if you don't want the version to be accessible until all of it's component have been created properly. For example a long running rendering job.




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