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Editing timer timelog frustrating

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I find it frustrating to edit the timer timelog at present.

In my mind, the behaviour should be as follows:

A. Changing duration adjusts end time.

B. Changing start time adjusts end time to keep duration.

C. Changing end time adjusts duration.

Currently the behaviour is that changing end time adjusts start time. This means that to change duration you always have to calculate in your head the duration rather than just changing end time (particularly annoying when adjusting a timer that you forgot to stop and just need to change end time on).



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YES. I'm pretty sure there is thread here somewhere where we discussed exactly these points. We use manual editing on time log a lot and we pretty much gave up on checking the actual times now and just keeping track of durations. It would be nice to be able to rely on start and end time though. We could quickly tell what were overtimes and such.

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Hi Martin & Milan,

Thank you for your feedback!

I just wanted to let you know that we have fixed the behaviour when editing timelogs to match that when editing paused timers which Martin described.

  • Changing start changes end.
  • Changing duration changes end.
  • Changing end changes duration.

This change will be included in the next release, 3.3.32.


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