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Hi everybody,

I'm currently looking for a way to track some processes via FTRACK that include handing over files from one department to another.

Therefore we often have a series of tasks that look like the following example.

Task 1: Make Animation
Task 2: Bake Animation
Task 3: Include baked animation into scene

Now Task 2 can only be done after Task 1 has been completed and Task 3 requires Task 2 to be completed.

To faciliate this process I'm looking for a way to kind of "link" tasks. In the best case in a way that you could see the previous, suceeding tasks in the "related tasks" and probably even set a fixed succession, so that task 2 can only be started after Task 1 has been completed and so on ...

Unfortunately FTRACK will always show me ALL tasks of the same shot in "Related Tasks" and the only way I have found to "link" tasks is within the schedule (which is a feature we are hardly using) and this dependency doesn't show up in the Tasks Information window or anywhere.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this?

I would be very greatful :) 



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