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Difference between pipeline and non-pipeline versions?


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Hi all,

what are the differences between the pipeline and non-pipeline versions?

For e.g. in the ftrack plugins:

ftrack-connect-pipeline-nuke / ftrack-connect-nuke-studio (I know what "studio" means)

or in the application launcher configs:

nuke-connector.json / nuke-pipeline.json


Thanks! :)



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Hey Phil.
Benn Garnish here - PM for Studio, Connect and Integrations.

Thanks for your question.

ftrack-connector relates to the old legacy integrations.

ftrack-connect-pipeline relates to the new supported and ongoing development for integrations.

There are some older version like ftrack-connect-nuke-studio which are different to the connect-pipeline and are perfectly fine with the new and improved Connect 2.0 application.


Basically we have developed a new and improved Framework for artists, TD's and developers for pipeline setups within DCC applications.

Maya, Nuke and most recently Houdini have had the update applied to them.

If your interested in joining our Beta release group please let us know.


Kind regards,


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Hey Benn,

thanks for sharing this! 

It would be great if there would be some information about these plugins, what they do and how they differ in the Ftrack connect documentation. I found some information inside the GitHub repositories, but everything feels so scattered. 

Best regards,


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