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[Filters] Assignee to "Me"


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Hello everyone, as a supervisor i need to create custom filter for my team in the task view. Like 'My shot ready to render" or "My shots" and I have to create manually the filter for each user because in the assignee i can't just pick the current user (Me). My goal is to create the "My shot ready to render" as a Shared Filter with the "(Me)' inside the assignee filter. I now the My Task view is for that but for some departments the need to view all the surrounding tasks is required.


Is it possible to put a special variable in the Assignee that is automatically set to the current user logged in ? It can be very convenient to have this feature. I've searched on ftrack and on this forum but can't find this information.



EDIT : I've looked at the advanced filter settings and found the Query mode but can't make it work with CURRENT_USER_ID, tried :

assignments any (resource_id=CURRENT_USER_ID)

EDIT2 : Found it :



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