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ftrack-application-launcher docs don't mention FTRACK_APPLICATION_LAUNCHER_CONFIG_PATHS


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Just a note:

I spent a good amount of time today chasing my tail around re: how ftrack-application-launcher actually works.  And in the end, I've found a rather critical piece of information is missing from the docs.


FTRACK_APPLICATION_LAUNCHER_CONFIG_PATHS needs to be documented so we might know how to actually provide configuration files without having to modify the plugin itself.
lines 27-31 tell all.
consider the docs:
They tell all about the syntax, but nothing about where the files should go.  Eventaully you might discover the "config" directory within the plugin itself.
However, that directory probably shouldn't be modified because after all, it's got a version number in it.  Presumably, a new version of the plugin will have its own config directory.  Your changes would be wiped out.
Checking the source on bitbucket confirmed for me that by default, it just hardcodes that path (see line 25).  But also, that there's an ENV var that can be used to at least specify some extra locations to search: FTRACK_APPLICATION_LAUNCHER_CONFIG_PATHS 
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Hi @Brad
glad you find you way through the code and found out by yourself about the environment variable.
You are right, original configs are better not to be touched due to update, and the env is there for you to customise the lauchers at your needs.

We have now tracked this changes in docs and they will be updated for the next release .


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