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Broken link "Learn more about storage scenarios"


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The MacOS Connect 2.0 Beta RC3 starts first time use with a panel advising about storage permissions.  
The link at the bottom gives a 404 error when clicked.
I assume it is because it is looking in my company's ftrack application and our company manager has not installed something.

This sort of link should go to an ftrack managed document.
If company specific information is intended, THE FTRACK owned  document should give as much general information as possible and link to a company document with specifics.

The link looks like this:

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Hi Isa,

Thanks for reporting this, the team have reached out to you on a separate thread to address all of your raised issues, however just posting here for visibility on the community.

Regarding the issue of the documentation link pointing to a broken URL, this is actually an issue on our end that we will get fixed up, however the doc it should  point to is here


The url you see that includes your ftrack site name is simply a way to re-direct from within the app to our docs, however theres nothing specific you need to install and this is simply an issue our side with a broken document. 

Thank you for report this, we'll get this fixed up ASAP. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to give us a shout. 


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