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Early access is now available!

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Please do not use for real production.
This is the latest version of Connect and the Pipeline Framework for Maya and Nuke and we encourage usage but for testing purposes only

Hi there,

We are pleased to announce that early access is now available for the latest updates to our Maya and Nuke integrations! You can learn all about the new features below.

We've also updated Connect to its latest version, featuring many new features. For more information on the latest version of Connect, please refer to the Connect RC5 release notes and documentation.

Download Connect for Windows
Download Connect for macOS
Download Connect for Linux cent OS7
Download Connect for Linux cent OS8

Here's what's new in our latest Nuke and Maya integrations:
  • Style fixes and a new yellow Connect theme.
  • ftrack Maya node duplicated – now supports multiple instances of same asset (component).
  • Fixed assembler dependencies.
  • Fixed assembler update error.
  • Fixed UI bugs with flickering unparented widgets during widget build.
  • Improved dependency resolver.
These are the requirements to participate in early access:
  • Maya 2022 only
  • Nuke 13+
  • Connect RC5 
To point Connect to the correct plugin locations, please update your systems environment variable to:
From Connect, you will be able to install the required plugins via the plugin manager tab:

Useful links

We encourage you to continue sharing feedback. Your thoughts and comments help us refine Connect 2.0 and its plugins and create workflows that benefit your daily workflows. 


Send us your feedback
All the best,
The ftrack-integrations team
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