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Entity type "CustomAttributeLinkConfiguration" not recognized


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I follow the example provided by tutorial document to create a CustomAttributeLinkConfiguration entity:

shot_object_id = session.query('ObjectType where name is "shot"').one()['id']
sequence_object_id = session.query('ObjectType where name is "sequence"').one()['id']

session.create('CustomAttributeLinkConfiguration', {
    'entity_type': 'task',
    'object_type_id': sequence_object,
    'entity_type_to': 'task',
    'object_type_id_to': shot_object_id
    'label': 'Master shot',
    'key': 'master_shot',
    'config': '{}',
    'one_to_one': True,
    'write_security_roles': [security_role],
    'read_security_roles': [security_role]

but got an error message: Entity type "CustomAttributeLinkConfiguration" not recognized.

My ftrack is v.4.6.15. Does this version support "CustomAttributeLinkConfiguration" entity ?


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