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More granular permissions for changing entity status


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Hey there!

Currently the permission to change a Shot and Task status are lumped under one option: "Can change status of a task"

It's important to us for artists to be able to change Task status, but not Shot status, so we'd like separate permission options for each entity type so we can assign the role accordingly.


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@Simon Stålner a follow up to this -- it'd be helpful for the "Create projects" toggle to be broken into two options. Currently it toggles whether users are able to see/use the "Create new project" button and the "View hidden projects" button. We'd like to give users the ability to view hidden projects, but not to create projects, so having a toggle for each would be ideal. (We have an ftrack action for making reel requests, and want to allow users to retroactively do so for past projects.)

I know we've come across a couple other permissions that we wanted to request that they be broken up, but I'll have to dig them up. Are small requests like this best posted here in the forums or via email to support@ftrack?

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