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  1. Hi Jen, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I understand your need for this feature and I've added this as a request. Thanks again! Regards Simon
  2. Hi, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We updated our documentation with new information: Please note that this is an advanced feature which requires you to setup and and run your own broker instead of the one bundled with ftrack. Once you have your own rabbitmq server running you can update the ftrack.ini "ftrack.amqp_host" setting to have ftrack use that server instead. This will not be standard until we make the switch to Rabbitmq. Thanks again! Regards Simon
  3. Hi, thank you for the great feedback! I will bring this up with our development team. Thanks again! Regards Simon
  4. Hi Chris, Thanks for your feedback on the mobile app. In the latest versions of ftrack, the review part has been enhanced, also in concern to mobile devices. We do have plans for updates on the app as well, but no timeframe for that right now. Will update here, when we have more information. Regards Simon
  5. Hello Chris, Thank you for your feedback! I've added this as a feature request and development will take at look at it. Thanks again. Ragards Simon
  6. Hi, the order of task in the dashboard should follow the order of the task types in System settings->Workflow->Types. Here you can arrange the order of the tasks when using task templates. When you use manual sort it only relates for that specific shot. Try to rearrange the order in System settings->Workflow->Types and update your project. This should arrange your tasks in the right order. Regards Simon
  7. Hi John, Permissions are set on per project basis. We are looking into a more granular way to do this. Will add your input to that task. Thanks! Regards Simon