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Get all objects from User Groups

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I was wondering if one can get all Tasks/Versions etc by a group name if any assignee is in that group...

test = session.query("AssetVersion where task.assignments.resource.memberships.group.name is {}".format(GROUP_NAME)).one()

This results in a 

KeyError("Multiple schemas [u'Group', u'User'] found for relationship memberships.")

Can I narrow down that I only want type group ?



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Hi Johannes,

Towards the bottom of this page (search for "subclass") we show some examples of casting a result to a single type:


In your case, I believe you query string would be:

"AssetVersion where task.assignments.resource[User].memberships.group.name is {}"


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Hi, I've been trying to use casting with the `populate` command, but I can't find anything that works. Is it not supported or am I doing something wrong?

>>> shot = session.get('Shot', shot_id)
>>> session.populate(shot, 'children.status')
ServerError: Server reported error: KeyError("Multiple schemas [u'Project', u'TypedContext'] found for relationship u'status'.")

>>> session.populate(shot, 'children[Project].status')
>>> session.populate(shot, 'children[TypedContext].status')
ServerError: Server reported error: KeyError(u'children[Project]')
>>> session.populate(shot, 'children.status[Project]')
>>> session.populate(shot, 'children.status[TypedContext]')
ServerError: Server reported error: KeyError(u"No attribute u'status[Project]' exists for schema u'Context'."


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Hey Peter,

What you're running in to is the fact that populate() constructs a query using that attribute string, and we don't support typecasting in a projection. see https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-api/src/23f582cd146e71f871ba8a17da30c0ad831de836/source/ftrack_api/session.py#lines-1070
We do support passing a list, tuple or QueryResult, so my workaround would be something like the populate line in this snippet. The rest is just included to set up my example / test.

shot = session.query('select children from Shot where children is_not None').first()
session.populate(shot['children'][:], 'status')
with session.auto_populating(False):

I suppose the root cause of all this is that children maps to Contexts, which can include Projects, which themselves do not have statuses.

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