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Hey Simon,

So in our case we're planning on adding milestones directly to a project, for things like VIP deliveries, and not to a task or shot. Your above comment regarding "relevant milestones should show up automatically users" doesn't seem to work which I'm guessing is kind of self explanatory as the "relevant" part is dependent on people being assigned to task.

So yes it would be awesome if it could be added as a feature request. Especially the teams part as I would think a milestone attached to a project should default to show up for everyone working on that project.

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Hi, Simon or others at ftrack.

We have started to use ftrack milestones in same manner as Alex had described in this discussion. For project general milestones: Edit Locks, VFX Deadlines and other important dates.

This works well in My Tasks -> Schedule for all artists to clearly see and notice upcoming dates for projects. But we would need to assign everyone in project team individually for each milestone, which is quite troublesome. Would it be possible to make milestones also accept groups, so we could just type necessary group instead? This functionality still doesn't seem to exist.




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