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"import ftrack_api" in maya

Dimitri Lucy

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Your PYTHONPATH has to be set accordingly.

Which OS? And how do you start maya? If you start Maya from the same terminal-session from where you can import the api in an interactive python session, you should be able to import the api inside Maya as well.

Edit: Obviously the PYTHONPATH has to be set in the bash-session (or whatever shell you use)

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Hi @Dimitri Lucy

whenever you are manipulating the PYTHONPATH I suggest extending it rather than overwriting it with something like : PYTHONPATH=%PYTONPATH%:C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\ftrack_api

On the error you are having though, seems to me that you are installing the new api , but trying to import the legacy ones.
Could you please try to import ftrack_api rather than ftrack ? 

Let us know how it goes ! 

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