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I think I may have stepped on a unwanted behaviour about versions status : when creating a new version, its status is the first of the selected status in system Settings → Schemas → My_Schema → Version.

If you reorder the statuses (System Settings → Statuses) and move an another status used in your schema one top of the first one used and then save, the status of new versions will change accordingly.

This is not true for tasks that are always created with the Not ready status (or so I believe).  As a result, this is not intuitive at all for versions.  It could be handy to be able to explicitly chose which status is the default one, for tasks and for versions.



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Hi Francois,

This sounds strange.
And I can't seem to reproduce what you mention.
Or maybe I have misunderstood.
Could you provide us with some screenshots on what it looks like when you set it up?


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