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Hi Guys,

  We would like to create a TEMPLATE project with 1 sequence, 1 character, 1 set and 1 vehicle that could then be used to duplicate into new projects that are started.  This would not need to refer or link back to the original template once duplicated and renamed.  This would be helpful for us to have all projects start with the same basics and naming conventions.  I have talked to our development team and they said this is not possible.  Is there a way to make this work that they are not thinking of, or could this be feature added in the future?

Thank you!

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Hi Ozen,

Thanks for your question.
It's not that uncommon that there's a template project in place.
So you can simply copy/paste objects from one project to another.
As long as the schema for both projects are compliant.

Hope this helps!


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