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As a Producer/Production Manager/Supervisor I would like to have an overview of all sequences with all the related shots and the most important status

|Sequence     |Shots in Progress|Shots waiting client feedback|Shots finalized|
|sequence #1|            16           |                      -                      |          9          |
|sequence #2|             5            |                      3                     |         10         |
|sequence #3|             -             |                      2                     |         12         |

With the ftrack "Insight" dashboard widget it's possible, but just if a sequence is selected. If the sequence folder (on top) is selected, the widget is just counting all shots together.

And an other thing that is missing in the settings of the insight widget is the possibility to add specific filters (e.g. a query) to not count shots with a specific name (e.g. if I have in my sequence 1 R&D shot I can't exclude it from the count)

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