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  1. Would be great if there was a keyboard shortcut that would jump to next/previous note (or at the very least a button that does the same thing). Ideally, this would work when the review timeline is using the "play all" mode too.
  2. When I'm looking at shots individually, I can see the orange dot on the timeline where the note is made. If I select "play all" from the review menu, where it loads all the clips on the timeline, I can no longer see the dots indicating where a note is on the timeline.
  3. @Bryan FordneyFYI, I have noticed that when you add shots to a review, it seems dependent on the order you select them. I have to presort my reviews properly in the main Ftrack view, and then shift select a block of them, and they will get added in that order I've selected them.
  4. Hi All! When I log in as a user, I see what's in the PNG attached called "user_screen.png". (Which is the "my task view" ) I’m still confused how I modify what's shown on this screen? I'd like to show diff columns and for them to be able to group by task. I know how to create dashboards and views as my admin login, but I don't understand how to modify this view that all the users see when they log in? Also, when the users are using the task board to drag stuff to different status, is there a way to change the status options on that? For example, if I drag a task (as a user) from "not started" to "in progress" a window pops up that lets me choose from "in progress" or "needs review". Is there a way to add to those options?
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