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  1. @all It seems to be working now, I could succesfully launched ftrack_connect. Thanks a lot for all the help
  2. Small Update: I've now tried to launch ftrack-connect using python -m ftrack_connect as they say in the documentation. I then get a Server error: ftrack_api.session.Session - Server reported error: InvalidCredentialsError(Invalid username specified in header "ftrack-user". Please verify that the header is set correctly and that a user with that username exists and is active in ftrack.) I have two environment variables, one called 'FTRACK_SERVER' and the other 'FTRACK_API_KEY'. For the API_KEY, I took the one which is visible in my account settings. Is there anything else ne
  3. hi @Lorenzo Thanks, glad to hear that. So I got the branch copied locally on my computer. I'm currently trying to build it. For now, I get an error telling me pySide-rcc could not be found, but I think it's coming from my system, as I found the 'pyside2-rcc.exe' file, it's in my path but I can't start it Currently looking into it, I will tell you how it goes Edit: I found out that it was coming from my PySide2 version. The latest version (v5.15.1) doesn't seem to have a pyside2-rcc working. I had to reverse to 5.13.1 . Here is a link showing exlpaining it: https:/
  4. Hi, I'm currently testing ftrack to see if I can integrate it into my workflow. Sadly, the issue I have is that ftrack-connect doesn't seem to be working with Python3 (which is what I have been using to make my tools in blender and Houdini) When I'm launching houdini from ftrack-launcher, I don't have access to 'Import Asset' tool, or anything related to ftrack. I also tried to import the ftrack_api to see if that was working but it's not neither. I got this message: File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> AttributeError: module '__main__' has no attribute 'FtrackDialogs'
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