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  1. Hi Carl, thank you for the answer. I was confused about the warning. So, I coded a video in webm and I use this code to publish version: shot = ftrack.getShot(['vetorlobo-development', 'SEQ01', 'SHOT03'])task = shot.getTasks()[2]asset = shot.createAsset(name='compositing', assetType='comp', task=task)version = asset.createVersion(comment='Made som changes to the helmet')filePath = 'C:\\DOC\\FTRACK\\TEMP\\videos\\CAIXA.webm'# Create a webm componentwebmComponent = version.createComponent(name='ftrackreview-webm', path=filePath)# Meta datawebmMetaData = json.dumps({'frameIn' : 0,'frameOut' : 720,'frameRate' : 25})webmComponent.setMeta(key='ftr_meta', value=webmMetaData)version.publish()But the video file is not uploading to ftrack server. And the version is created but when I press Play button this message appear: Could not load media. Please try again. Any idea? Anything wrong? Thank you, Aline Lima
  2. Hi, I'm trying to use this code and I got this error when I try to execute this line: ftrack.Review.makeReviewable(version, filePath) # Error: ProtocolError: file C:\Program Files\VetorLobo\Alias\Maya2014-x64\bin\\ line 1312: <ProtocolError for 500 Internal Server Error> # We are in ftrack 3.0.12 in local server. Any idea? Thank you.
  3. It's possible to get linked asset builds from a shot? Thank you, Aline Lima
  4. Hi Mattias, This is an idea that we had to improve our workflow in ftrack. Is just an workaround that could work now. If I can call a python script directly instead of call a php page that call a python script would be great. I'm waiting for 3.0 anxiously Thank you, Aline Lima
  5. Hi, I'm trying to implement a way to open a Maya scene directly from ftrack and I'm using, for now, the description field because is the only one that allow hyperlink, I think. There is a problem, the hyperlink don't works in project view, just if I click in description in properties panel. Would will be possible to implement a custom attribute type as hyperlink that works in view? I'm using a php link to open the scenes. Thank you, Aline Lima
  6. Hi Fredrik, We solve this with support. The port 8002 aren't opened. This was causing the problem. Now it's working properly. Thank you for your help. Aline Lima
  7. Thank you for the answer Fredrik, I'm happy to hear that the filter in inbox is planned to ftrack 3.0. About the notifications, in my Diagnostics page there is OK in Notification Queue Status. But I have another error above about port and websocket. Could be this the problem? I tested in Chrome and Firefox and others computers. All of then show this error.
  8. Another question about inbox, there is an auto refresh in ftrack. I only receive new message notification if I refresh my chrome. Thank you, Aline Lima
  9. There is a way to filter the inbox messages by user? Or could you include it as request feature? I think it is useful if I use ftrack for internal communication. Thank you, Aline Lima
  10. Yes, that is it! Thank you, Aline Lima
  11. Hello, There's a way that I can create a new note with a attached file (image or video) using API? Thank you, Aline Lima
  12. I have "internal notification" in several items. I think if I receive a message in Ftrack inbox I should receive a desktop notification, even if the the Ftrack website is not in focus. That would be really great for us. Maybe it is a problem with my chrome. I tested with Gmail turning notification option on, but it's not working too. I had to install a extension called "Checker Plus for Gmail" to gmail notification works. But ok Thank you anyway. Aline Lima
  13. Hi Mattias, Not working yet. I'm using Chrome 35. In Chrome settings I marked "Allow all sites to show desktop notifications" There was a ftrack adress in Exception List with Alow in Behavior, I deleted just in case. We are using a local instalation of Ftrack. In my Ftrack settings, the option of "Desktop Notification On" looks like disabled because is gray and i click and nothing happened. There is something wrong?
  14. How does this works? This use the chrome notification? I think I enabled but it's not working. Thank you, Aline Lima
  15. Hi Lucas, thank you for your help. I was trying to solve this QtWebKit problem. I forgot to mention that I was using Maya 2012, which doen't have PySide by default. In Maya 2014 everything works fine. I discovered that if I copy the PySide from Nuke 6.3_v5 and use in Maya 2012, it solves the .dll problem. But there is another error that I reported to support. I will paste here just for information. line 1:TypeError: Result of expression 'h.configClass' [Ext.Base] is not aconstructor. ReferenceError: Can't find variable: FTIf someone knows this error and how to fix it, I'd be glad to know. But I'm almost giving up of Maya 2012 and support only 2014. Thank you, Aline Lima
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    QtWebKit problem

    Hi, I have a problem with PySide installation. I know its not a fTrack problem, but maybe someone know how I can solve this. When I open Maya with Launchpad or I try to initialize fTrack Maya connections mannualy I have this error: File "C:\Program Files\VetorLobo\ftrackplugins\ftrackplugin\ftrackDialogs\", line 15, in <module> exec('from ' + modname + ' import *') File "<string>", line 1, in <module> File "C:\Program Files\VetorLobo\ftrackplugins\ftrackplugin\ftrackDialogs\", line 4, in <module> from ftrackplugin.ftrackWidgets.WebViewWidget import WebViewWidget File "C:\Program Files\VetorLobo\ftrackplugins\ftrackplugin\ftrackWidgets\", line 1, in <module> from PySide import QtCore, QtGui, QtWebKit QtCore and QtGui loads fine, but when I try to import PySide.QtWebKit I have this error: import PySide.QtWebKit# Error: ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found. # I load PySide.QtWebKit with dependencyWalker, and I have QtWebKit.dll missed error. I tryed to install according this link And the PySide provided by \ftrackplugins\lib\PySideMayaWin64 I'm trying to use launchpad or manual install, but in both I have the same error. Anyone have any idea what can I do? Thank you, Aline Lima