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  1. guiramalho


    This is the problem ! This changes the frame but they still the same. I don´t want to use the poster frame. I have an sliced reference clip the thumbnail must came from it´s cut´s in or mid point, not the original clip poster frame. Cheers. G.
  2. guiramalho


    Hi @Lorenzo Angeli, this is not what is happening. It is not getting the mid frame, it is getting the first frame of the clip ignoring the edit. That´s why they are all the same. I did sent you an email thru support. Cheers. G.
  3. guiramalho


    When I export shots from an sliced clip or a sequence, all the shots gets the same thumbnail.... I just found this comment in the about the thumbnail... # TODO: pick frame from mid length clip or cut Having the right thumbnail is crucial ! Any clue how to fix this ?