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how to add custom Factory to a session


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this is probably a very dumb question...

the documentation shows how to override Factories to extend the functionality of fetched objects. This is very cool and exactly what we need. 


However, I'm not entirely sure how to add a custom factory to a session. Do I need to wrap it in a plugin? The example in documentation states that the session has to be restarted but how will it pick up the new factory? There seems to be no way to just pass it to the session other than through a custom plugin. I'm sure I'm missing something trivial...

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Hi Pawel,

The documentation includes a default plugin (construct_entity_type.py) with a factory which you can copy and modify to suite your needs. The section configuring plugins also explains how to add a plugin to your session. You can do this by pointing the environment variable FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH or the keyword argument plugins_paths to a directory containing the plugin with your factory.


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