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Is there a tutorial on how to implement the locations feature? I want to setup and ownCloud server and use it to link to the publishes for my students so they can publish animations and assignments from home. The idea  is that I'll give the assignments and they can start working at school, when they leave they can pickup the latest publish and keep working at home and when they finish they can publish from home, later that can be picked up at the school for me to look at or for them to continue working. Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,


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Hi Steven,


You can find information about managing and using Locations on our documentation site:


* General http://rtd.ftrack.com/docs/ftrack/en/latest/using/locations/index.html

* Developer http://rtd.ftrack.com/docs/ftrack/en/latest/developing/locations/index.html


We still need to write a higher level tutorial though so do let me know if you need more specific guidance for your use case.




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