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  1. Locations

    Is there a tutorial on how to implement the locations feature? I want to setup and ownCloud server and use it to link to the publishes for my students so they can publish animations and assignments from home. The idea is that I'll give the assignments and they can start working at school, when they leave they can pickup the latest publish and keep working at home and when they finish they can publish from home, later that can be picked up at the school for me to look at or for them to continue working. Any help would be appreciated. Best regards, Steven
  2. Scene textures

    Waking up this thread once more. I was hoping we would get a published node for textures in Maya in 3.0. We have one for sequences for Nuke. Is that somewhere in the works?
  3. Turntables and movies

    I took a look at the documentation, one thing I'm not sure how to do is to look at different versions of the same asset to quickly compare them, right now you have to click on the old version and hit load, I seem unable to load them together or as a list so they can be compared. I don't have Hiero or Hiero player.
  4. Turntables and movies

    Hi, Ok, I'm still a bit confused on the reviews and how they work. My students have started to finish models and do turntables, right now they're just attaching them to the notes. But I want to get them in the revision stream. So, how do they publish a movie, and how do I get those together for reviews? If there are docs for this please point a link. Thanks! Steven
  5. For those of us in the educational field. I'm currently using ftrack with great success for my production classes, it does exactly what it's supposed to do and it fits great in the classroom. I was wondering, for my non-production classes I would love to use ftrack as well. Currently I use edmodo.com. You can create an assignment, give it a posting date(for delayed posting, I don't want the students to be bombarded with 10 assignments on their first day) give it a due date, assign it to the whole group at once, then once turned in, I can give it a grade. I suspect this is all possible in ftrack but I haven't gotten my mind around it yet. Any suggestions? Steven
  6. Scene textures

    Ok, thanks. I think, I've figured out a methodology for this. Cheers.
  7. Scene textures

    Right now the students have them on their computers, since they also work from home. The question is do we put them on the server and track them with ftrack? If we decide to do that, how do we go about it?
  8. Scene textures

    How do we go about publishing and making sure the models contain textures. Right now we are publishing including shaders but we don't get the textures in the scenes in the publish. Thanks
  9. Publish with api

    Thanks, got it.
  10. Publish with api

    Can I publish and retrieve an asset manually without using Maya? If so how. I tried to use the api but the server kept saying I wasn't a registered user. Also where is the manual for ftrack? I want to read more in-depth about it's usage. Searching in Help its not practical to learn in a procedural manner.
  11. Error on plugins

    No, that's why I thought there was something wrong. Here's a picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgcewh4yzbbnio6/ftrackPlugin.jpg No errors on the script editor Steven
  12. Error on plugins

    I'm getting this when I try to start the userSetup.py plug-in in the plug-in manager I'm on os 10.8.4 2.4 Ghz Intel Core Duo on Maya 2013 Steven Qui