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Houdini environment variables !

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Hi Nikolay,

apologies for the delay in response.  You can set envs in app launcher configs

simply add this section to the houdini app launcher config files :

"env": {"HSITE":"some_value", ..}

You can see how it is done in a similar way when changing the launch arguments: https://ftrackhq.github.io/ftrack-connect-pipeline/tutorial/launch.html

Also You will need to alter the installed application plugin on machines, e.g.


And remember to re-apply this configuration each time you re-install the application launcher plugin in Connect

I hope this helps please let us know if we can help any further.




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Hi Daniel !

Thanx for your reply but I have not managed to get my env in Houdini.....

first of all there are two json files - connector and pipeline.... I have added "env" section to both.. just in case...but my houdini loads without these variables 

may be I'm doing something wrong



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