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Kama Moiha

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After doing more digging, I wanted to bring this question here. Is there an ability to cut handles off in the web player? I love the idea of organizing shots and their tasks, but it would also be very helpful if it's possible to trim head and tail handles when accumulating shots to see them in context. 




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Hi @Kama Moiha

Thanks for writing in and apologies for the delayed follow-up here. The online review playback tools currently don't support the option trim handles, although it definately would be great to have when playing shots back in context. 

The team has been investigating a better way to view entire shots / cuts in context, of which the ability to exclude handles would likely fall under this. Unfortunately we don't have an ETA on that project at the moment.

I will scope out this request with the team and get your supported added to it. Don't hesitate to reach out here again towards the end of the year and we can keep you posted with our progress. 



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