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Allow versions to to upload with differnet file names

Divine Mercy

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I'm a new user, so I could be missing a step, but it seems that we can only upload a file with the exact same name for the program to allow it to become a new version. If true, this makes it a minor inconvenience for our editing staff, who have to keep all the versions on our server at work. So their current solution is to keep each version in its own directory instead of one project directory here at our office.

If a different file name wouldn't work, maybe allow us to add "- Ver 2", "- Ver 3", etc. ourselves at the end of the same file name and the program would see it as a new version of an existing uploaded file?

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Hi @Divine Mercy

Thanks for reporting this and apologies for the delayed response here. We've been discussing this with the team and this isn't something that is currently possible in ftrack today. We've been discussing alternatives as to what an implementation of this might look like, and your suggestion of allowing you append to the version name still be recognise as the same parent in ftrack seems like a good approach.

We've gone ahead and scoped out a feature request for our product team here to keep you informed. We'd love to hear from others in the community if they also hit this issue regularly and what other use-cases we could capture to help us scope this out.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to give us a shout. 


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