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So what special permissions do I need and who and how do I get them?


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This panel triggered three topics from me to address BETA implementation issues.  Now let's get to the meat: I need to know what I need to know to fix the problem, so I can explain to a non-technical maager who controls our company ftrack, what she has to do so I can test this to decide if we want to use it for our company pipeline.

All i know is 

"You do not have the required permission, 
please ask someone with access to the system."

So what do I need to ask her to do?

As I said before, and it really bothers me,
THE SYSTEM is my system. 
The Service is ftrack. 
My Company Service is my company's implementation of the service.


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Hi Isa,

Thanks for reporting this, the team have reached out to you on a separate thread to address all of your raised issues, however just posting here for visibility on the community.

In this instance, in order to configure ftrack connect, you need to configure a storage scenario on your ftrack site (using these instructions). 

In terms of what permissions you need to configure this, your assigned role will need access to the following permission (see attachment below)


Once you are part of a role that has access to *manage settings* then you will be able to configure the storage scenario. You can point your site admin to this preference and they'll either need to add that permission to your role, or change your role to one with this enabled. You can read more about configuring roles and permissions here

Hope that helps clarify, if you have any further questions don't hesitate to give us a shout. 


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